Framed Prints


We offer three options for ready-to-hang artwork in three framing styles.

Framed with glass, glass-less Tray Frames and our stunning Acrylic Gallery Panels.

Wooden Framed pieces

Our contemporary wooden framed pieces, printed and assembled in the studio, all come with high-quality anti-reflective glass, using pigment archival prints, mounted with a luxury wooden bevel deep mount and set in an elegant off-white box frame. These neutral off-white frames suit almost every room colour scheme and are explicitly used to allow the image itself to have prominence while still having a beautiful frame to surround and protect the print. In addition, these come with fitted wall hangers to allow flush mounting to the wall on two screws with no picture wire required. This ensures equal weight distribution on the frame uprights, avoids warping from a single wire pulling on the frame and ensures your print stays straight and secure on the wall at all times.

Tray Frames

Our contemporary Tray Frames or Shadow Box Frames showcase images in a modern and stylish glassless frame with a beautiful wooden finish where the image appears floating in the deep box frame.

We primarily use Dark Walnut, but other finishes are available on request.

These prints have a protective laminate coating, ensuring an enhanced fade-free lifetime of print protection. The easy-hanging system on the reverse lets the piece sit flush on your wall. Use the sliding sawtooth edge to perfectly line up your prints, and this hanging option features 10mm bump stops to prevent wall scuffing.

Acrylic Gallery Panels

These stunning pieces make a real statement in your home or workplace with the archival print face-mounted to 6mm thick, high-quality acrylic and backed with black dibond.

The edge-to-edge image appears to float on your wall, and the depth of the acrylic glass lifts detail from the surface of the print, bringing the image to life and creating a stunning visual effect.

We feel these pieces best suit your home’s more contemporary surroundings, such as a modern kitchen-diner extension or sleek and minimal decorated rooms.

These show-stopping pieces stand out, but please bear in mind that the high gloss finish is not anti-reflective, so bear in mind for placing opposite large window spaces, etc.

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