Frequently Asked Questions

Not in the sense that you think you mean ! The term ‘ photoshopped ‘ is generally now regarded as a way of saying something is faked, or excessively digitally enhanced etc. This is not something that I do or aspire to do. All of my images are single exposures with no major ‘photoshopping’ that changes the scene that I saw significantly. Having learned, trained and worked with film for 16 years I keep any adjustments that are necessary to a RAW file to the rough parameters that were achievable by the best darkroom printers .. ( I was not one ! ). Today it is incredibly easy and common place to process a RAW file to the point that it bears very little resemblance to the actual scene the photographer saw or tried to visualise. Multiple files that blend exposures and focusing are all the rage but it’s not something that appeals to me. The core principle of the ‘moment’ is very important to me and I don’t believe that a photograph is a number of ‘moments’.

No it’s not, and is actually one of my files with the lightest processing of any image I have in my collection. Please see my blog entry about the making of this and other images. Sometimes persistence pays off.

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Not at all, I’m actually a very impatient person but have learned to control that a bit in the landscape and to realise that if it’s not happening when you’re there, it will someday.. so rather than wait for hours… I generally move on and plan for another time.

A limited edition print means that only a certain number of prints of that particular image will be produced and once they are sold there won’t be any more available. Occasionally I will produce a few ‘Artist’s Proofs’ of a limited edition, usually as test prints and set aside for quality checking etc.

In general most of the images are printed and sold in three sizes in editions of 75 and 150 in each size, resulting in a total of either 225 or 450 prints of a limited in edition available for sale.

When you buy a limited edition print, it will be signed with the edition number, signature and title on the front of the mount, or with unframed prints on the print itself just at the bottom of the image.

These are a collection of images I offer which are not limited in number and are generally printed smaller and framed slightly differently that the Limited Edition prints. I choose to offer a collection of Open edition prints in the gallery to cater for those on a reduced budget or with restrictions for carrying on a flight etc. The prints are exactly the same and they are signed with the title.

Occasionally if a Limited Edition print sells out, I may release a similar image from the shoot but with significant difference as an open edition print as is the case with the Skellig Moon which is now also available as Skellig Moon II open edition print.

Not in my lifetime or yours ! The combination of printing on the finest of fine art papers from Hahnemhuhle and the advance pigment inks from Epson produces prints that are rated fade free for 85+ years. When you frame it behind good acrylic glass with UV properties this extended significantly. All the mount and frame materials are museum quality, acid free and will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Yes we do, and there’s no time limit on when they are to be used by, just email us for details.