See how a framed print, acrylic or tray frame piece will look on your own wall by uploading an image of the space and creating your mock-up of it in place.

This is an excellent way for you to decide on which piece and what finish suits your room. For best results, use as good a quality image, taken straight on in good light and uploaded at a high-quality setting.

How to use it

How to create your own mock up

  • Take a picture of your wall space, without obstructions, in good light and not from an angle
  • Click on VISUALISE from the image preview page
  • Click UPLOAD IMAGE and select your wall photo to upload it and Save
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to define your wall area and size ( help links available )
  • Adjust the placed image to size by dragging corners and download the result.
  • You can email the saved image to use at for a consultation on this.